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Alpaca wool is a must have of Manuela Conti's winter collections, a fine and soft fiber, appreciated all over the world for its natural warmth and ability to insulate from the cold.

But how is this fine wool processed? Are animals unfairly mistreated?
This is the first question we are often asked, and here is the answer:
The alpaca is a herbivorous mammal, which lives in packs and has an extremely dense coat from head to toe, in fact shearing is important for the welfare of the animals as they have an exceptionally thermal fleece that overheats in summer if it’s not regularly removed.
We personally visited the farms, located high up in fertile and uncontaminated soils, and we talked to their breeders who are completely in love with these docile animals, and ensure that they are always in excellent shape by taking care of their diet with hay, corn and mineral salts.
Manuela Conti loves Alpaca… and you

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