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The women's cabans of the Manuela Conti are a real Italian excellence, made with fine fabrics of the highest quality and handmade by our craftsmen in a respectful way for both the environment and the woman who will wear them. All the cabans are 100% made in Italy products, made in Martina Franca, where the Martinese tailoring has a long tradition in the production of this type of garment.

Let's start with the distinction between summer and winter pea coats. The summer caban are made with light and breathable fabrics, perfect for the hot season. Among the most used fabrics we find cotton, it is a very versatile and fresh fabric, ideal for creating elegant and practical garments. The light wool, on the other hand, guarantees a feeling of freshness on the skin and excellent thermal comfort, the light wool, the linen and silk which are fine fabrics and light, which give a refined and glamorous look to summer pea coats.

Now let's move on to the winter pea coats, they are made with heavier and more resistant fabrics to protect against low temperatures. Among the most used fabrics we find the virgin wool, the cashmere, the alpaca wool and the technical fabric. Virgin wool is certainly one of the finest fabrics for the production of winter pea coats, thanks to its thermoregulating properties and its resistance. The cashmere, on the other hand, is a precious and soft fabric, which guarantees a feeling of warmth and exceptional comfort. Alpaca wool is one of the most prestigious yarns in the world, it is a very soft alpaca wool, waterproof and which keeps you warm during the cold seasons . Finally, the technical fabric is an innovative and modern solution, which guarantees optimal protection against the cold and humidity.

All the fabrics used for the production of the Brand Manuela Conti women's pea coats are selected with the utmost care to ensure maximum quality and resistance over time. Each caban is handmade by our craftsmen, who scrupulously follow each stage of the manufacturing process, from the choice of fabric to the final finishing. Thanks to their mastery, our craftsmen create unique and exclusive garments, characterized by a refined design and the maximum attention to detail.

A brief mention of the history of Martinese tailoring has a long tradition in the production of pea coats, which dates back to the middle of the 19th century. At that time, the caban was a very common garment among the shepherds of the area, who used it to protect themselves from bad weather. Over time, the caban has evolved into an increasingly refined and sophisticated garment, appreciated by both men and women. Today, the Martinese tailoring continues to produce high quality pea coats, using traditional manufacturing techniques and precious materials. Thanks to the skill of its craftsmen, the Martinese tailoring has become famous all over the world for its ability to create unique and exclusive garments, which contain all the beauty and the Italian artisan tradition strong>.

The women's cabans of the Manuela Conti brand represent a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, thanks to the use of precious fabrics and craftsmanship . Our garments are always fashionable, following the trends of the moment but without ever giving up their elegance and sophistication. Each caban is a masterpiece of style and craftsmanship, which makes every woman who wears it unique and exclusive.

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